Tourists interests in and around Sea View Beach Resort, Shekhadi (Shrivardhan)


Shrivardhan is located about 8 km from Sea View Beach Resort, Shekhadi.

In the Hindu scriptures, the taluka of Shrivardhan is of historical importance and is mentioned as being visited by Arjuna Pandav in his pilgrimage.

Researchers from Pune University* have found a 8000 years wall-like structure near the Konkan coast which is 3 metres below the present sea level, 2.7 metres tall and around 2.5 metres wide. The length of the portion of this wall near Shrivardhan coast is 1.18 Km. The wall was constructed on the ancient sand beach, which was taken as the base for the construction. This reveals that the area was inhibited by an advanced civilization at that time.

The town also falls on the 3000+ years old “historic spice route” between the Arabs and India. It was not necessarily a stop for the traders, but the interaction between the traders and locals cannot be denied. The arrival and settlement of early Muslims and Jews in the nearby villages in the 7th century A.D. is a historical fact that strengthens the case. Therefore, your stay at the Sea View Beach Resort gives you that nostalgic feeling of being within the vicinity of the once bustling Spice Route.

Shrivardhan was also an important port in the 16th and 17th century, well known to traders of Ahmednagar and Bijapur. It also appears in the accounts of leading European travellers such as Ziffardan. In 1538 A.D. Dom Joao de Castro described it as having little water under the pier at low tide, but that the interior of the city was large and roomy.

Shrivardhan is popular as the birthplace of Balaji Vishwanath, the first Maratha Peshwa (1713–1720) appointed by Chhatrapati Shahu, grandson of Chhatrapati Shivaji. In 1713, Shriwardhan was one of the sixteen fortified places in the Konkan ceded by Balaji Vishwanath Peshwa to Kanhoji Angre of Kolaba.

While you are staying at Sea View Beach Resort, you can make frequent visits to different places in Shrivardhan, which is hardly 15 minutes drive from Shekhadi.


Diveagar (Taluka: Shrivardhan), which is about 7 km from Sea View Beach Resort, is a famous tourist destination due to the lush green trees and a long beach. The beach provides a lot of entertainment for the tourists including water skis, boating etc. Diveagar is easily accessible from Sea View Beach Resort. In fact, the resort is ideally located on the Shrivardhan-Diveagar road.

The village was governed by the Sheelahar Dynasty from 800 A.D to 1265 A.D. There are evidences showing more than 500 year old settlements in this region.

The village is well known for Diveagar Ganpati Temple that had a golden Ganesh idol (Ganesh Murti) weighing 1.5 Kg. The idol was allegedly stolen by thieves in March, 2012, and is later said to be melted. The idol has since then been replaced by one made with Silver and the temple is still a popular tourist destination.


Harihareshwar (Taluka: Shrivardhan) is about 30 km from the SeaView Beach Resort. It is situated at the junction of Savitri River and the Arabian Sea. It has the historic Hari Hareshwar temple - the family deity of the Peshwas, the town is given it a prominent place in Maratha history. Across Harihareshwar, on the other bank of the Savitri river, you can see the town of Bankot (famous for Shivaji Maharaj’s 52nd fort) which is accessible by boats from Bagmandla, if desired.

During that era, Shrivardhan was a major port bringing traffic to Harihareshwar.

Harihareshwar is surrounded by three hills named Harihareshwar, Harshinachal and Pushpadri. It is also referred to as Devghar or "house of God".

Besides a major pilgrimage center, Harihareshwar is a popular beach resort with two beaches, one to the north and the other to the south of the temple.

While staying at Sea View Beach Resort, Shekhadi, you can easily plan a visit to Harihareshwar during the day time.